Welcome to Indian Medical Association

The erstwhile South Kanara Branch of the Indian Medical Association was established on 28th June 1930, with 20 members under its banner. Late Dr. K.R. Kini was the spirit behind the organization. He had the support of his able fellow professionals. The object was to keep up the high tradition of the Medical Profession as well as to create a brotherly feeling among the Members.

It was titled 'The South Kanara District Medical Association' .The organization was affiliated to Indian Medical Association in 1945, and was called The South Kanara Branch of the Indian Medical association'.

Our Branch Association endeavors to project the rights, privileges and interests of its members, and promotes the discussion of clinical and professional matters.


IMA Prayer

May all be happy and rid of disease may all have happy, prosperous and harmonious life. May nobody ever be afflicted with sorrow and suffering in life. Aspire neither for kingdon nor final emancipation my only desire is that suffering people be releived of affliction of pain and disease

IMA Office Bearers 2016-17

Dr. Raghavendra Bhat K (President)

Dr.Kadri Yogesh Bangera (Secretary)

Dr.G.K.Bhat Sankabithilu (Tressurer)